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The INKling

Yet another Haruki Murakami character tribute. One of my all time favourite Novels : ‘Hard boiled wonderland and the end of the world’. These are the INKling .They dwell in the sewers of Tokyo, prey on people and eat their flesh only after it rots. The hero finds himself in the midst of their territory when he comes across dancing fish statues. A source of religious worship for these shadowy creatures



Gefilte Fish close ups



Inspired by a false memory of a character  in ‘Dance Dance Dance’
Haruki Murakami’s amazing novel about a man who returns to a renovated Hotel where he believes lies the secret to solve his dreams of a long lost lover.
In this hotel he meets Sheep man, a strange man dressed in sheep cloths. In my mind, the image of this Sheep man was in line with that of a Satyr.
Color scheme and lighting inspired by Dutch painter Jan  Lievens



lighting the hair was tricky & I may come back for some tweaks

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Sunmi 451

Inspired by The Clone character  in the David Mitchell Novel ‘Cloud Atlas’
Sunmi starts as a waitress in Papa Song’s diner, but soon becomes self aware and rebels. In the book Sunmi is recognized by people as a clone although she is very human looking. I figured she has some sort of attribute that makes her instantly recognizable as the Sunmi model. So her hair felt like a good bet and probably a very costumer pleasing face.



sushi accessory which I added only during coloring Sketch was done using  pencil and coffee!