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Swimmer also goes by the name  Lady of the lake, Vivian, Nimue or many other names for that matter. She is a part of King Arthur’s legend. The story tells of Merlin the wizard, who falls for her. She promises to return his love only if Merlin teaches her his magic, which he does despite the danger. Ultimately she learns all she can and traps Merlin in the trunk of a tree.

I started out drawing her with black hair and olive skin, but finally decided she would do better with  a supernatural, eerie  complexion.

water insects are cool

Pigly aka Shwine twins

Meet the twins. A morbid pair, stuck in a pink piggish kingdom, some may call it swine paradise. This drawing went through many changes  during the color transition. Hairstyle, theme, composition and story. This happened for a few reasons. My sister didn’t like her hair-do in the sketch version: “She looks like a judge” so than came the first change and suddenly she looked too lonely so I added her twin sister and than it started looking  very “shine twins” and so the hotel corridor was a pretty natural choice for  the environment. The Swine twins were born or as I call them The Shwine twins

Pigly Sketch

I sketched her while waiting for an endless render at work on a Saturday. I must have been in some sort of mood since she came out looking rather sad. I imagined her waiting for a loved one in a field. Swine flu inspiration is present…no doubt. perhaps her loved one died of the flu. Or maybe he’s just sitting on similar rock waiting for her and fearing being stood up.

You will notice the colored result came out so so different.