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I’m working on improving my lighting and color schemes. I go for minimal compositions, and portraits work great for this exercise. My aunt has a very strong face,  plus being ginger, she is very colorful. I wanted to add some vulnerability to the skin texture,  so I made her into a waxy porcelain doll with embedded  patterns you’d normally find on china plates to create elegant tattoos.

Some close ups.

4 steps in the painting process.

Hello Korea | 안녕하세요 한국

This blog is mainly about the illustrative side of me, this post however is 3D related. I’m slightly chuffed and wanted to share… I was contacted by the Korean 3D Artisan magazine recently. They were interested in doing a feature interview about a short I produced a couple years ago. Pop quiz . I couldn’t refuse 🙂

See pop quiz  here and in the link below are some of the spreads:

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Pasha is a sphinx princes. Chasing lunch is degrading, but a lady must eat, and so she shall. the rodent remains are proof that she can hunt with out breaking a sweat and all the while looking gorgeous!.
4 out of 5 mice fall for this.