I’ve been pretty busy lately. designing…arranging…producing my wedding. It was  a pretty small wedding, not a huge production. but I still had some stuff to do. There is nothing harder for a designer/illustrator than designing his or her own invitation. I had a few ideas bouncing around…it drove me crazy, but i was happy with the final result. My guy is a skater, our worlds came together and mixed up, i wanted the invitation to express some of the world clash we felt (it was actually partly his idea:)

The text on the bottom says: 1985 “Oranim” Primary school

As part of the DIY, I had some disposable cameras available for the guests….to just have fun with.

I felt like a little factory.

I bought about 12 cameras, unwrapped them out of the original paper spread, scanned it and made my own version.

I pasted my spread on top of the original and re-wrapped the camera. It was fun actually. very therapeutic.

On the back I printed instructions on how to use this old tech item….I had a loads of techy folk there….i think they figured it out.

Only one camera got lost in the wedding. If you see it tell it to come home, I’m so curious to develop the films and see what went down while i wasn’t looking.

But these are the moments I do remember:

Thanks to our amazingly talented Photographer Yair Hasidof!


photography : Yair Hasidof

Dress: Riva Oshida

Venue: Messi, Tel Aviv

2 Replies to “My Wedding post”

  1. האינטרנט הזה. לא נותן מנוחה. פעם היינו ממתינים שבוע לפחות עד שהצלם היה מביא את התמונות ואת האלבום. היום עוד לפני ששמים את הטבעת על היד, כבר כולם רואים את התמונוץ. בקיצור – יופי של אתר.

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