Prior to my final wedding invitation design…i had loads and loads of attempts. I would go to bed thinking about it and wake up with new ideas which i would execute right away and then scrap just as fast. This sketch was inspired by Norman Rockwell

One evening my boy friend told me “why don’t you draw both of us, but switch around our personalty”  I thought it was a cool idea and started sketching versions but i was missing something. So i left it and went on to sketch really strange versions with ideas I am not even sharing on this blog because they were just so bad….

I woke up one morning with a new thought. Same personality switch concept, but of us as kids. It was also reminiscent of the fact we went to the same school as children but never knew each other. I thought it would be symbolic. And so this idea became my final design….I proceeded to relax a bit 🙂

The final result was easy to execute, see it on my next post or right here  

One Reply to “Sketch and scrap…”

  1. awesome! i was wondering about the school, i saw it in the invitation and i knew you went there but wasn’t sure whether he did too.
    so cool!

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