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Skate like the Boy Scouts

Its Skate Camp time again. My husband Yoni is holding it around Pass over break, or Easter vacation. Kids are out of school and it’s a good time to go out side, get in shape and learn a few skate tricks. My inspiration is…surprize surprize Norman Rockwell. The scouts were a big part of the american naive 60’s. I admire his style and since im trying to go for a brand design with a common look – this works for me. I also learn alot about detail and composition posing.

Some steps.

…Some close ups.


Skater Camp – Boy Scouts Style

Skate camp flier sketch. I sketched Yoni the old fasion way. I used a photograph taken by the talented Yair Hasidof. The boy…I added later sketching in photoshop. I don’t usually sketch digitally, so it was a nice thing to learn 🙂

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