I write magic realism with an urban backdrop. Two books are currently percolating in my creative boiling pot. ‘Shadow Traveler’ is in advanced editing phase. while ‘The Tortoise Hotel’ is slowly brewing in draft stage. I plan to release world related short stories for both books.

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Shadow Traveler


A young pharmacist discovers London hasn’t woken up in the morning. The population is asleep and unwakeable. After two days of survival, he finds a young woman with liquid pupils who can see through walls. He stumbles after her into a gate made of shadow where dreams are places rather than states of mind.

Estimated publish date: 2022

The Tortoise Hotel


In a city where ghouls are nighttime visitors, an anxiety-ridden young woman takes a job as a hotel’s temp manager to serve the netherworld. She must navigate under an impossible contract while insanity and chaos seep into her life. Estimated publish date: 2023

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