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Stay curious

This is how it feels like when i’m being curious. How does it feel and look like to you?



But when I lose it, it takes me a little while to notice, because I get numb like a drunk lizard in the winter. I get easily distracted, checking messages on my phone every other minute or looking through Facebook at peoples last vacation pics. I eat without being hungry.

I get restless and compensate with an extra cup of coffee, I don’t really need. Note to self – stop drinking coffee! When that happens, my days are long and I get home after work feeling especially tired. On days I do get curious or engaged . Oh boy. That’s when I loose track of time. That’s when I forget about my troubles. That’s when I’m focused. That’s when I’m most optimistic.

Truth be told…I need to watch out because I could forget to eat or put off taking breaks. Not a good thing to totally forget yourself. Working in a creative industry I sometimes feel like I don’t have a good excuse for getting bored. So when it does happen it worries me. I feel like I lost the spark or that I’m in the wrong field. Even the most creative endeavor can get old if it’s repeated enough times.

Even the animation industry has it’s share of boring gigs. I can work on a cool project one day with cute furry creatures and the next day it would be a shampoo ad.

So that’s when it’s time to get up and shake off the dust. Draw, write, play, sing…what ever makes you feel alive.

The secret to a good mood in my book, is to keep on engaging in my most favorite thing. The things I would do for free.

Exposed troll

There’s a thing about creation or any form of art. Putting your art out there into the world may seem like a narcissistic thing to do. But I would rather see it as a way to connect. Because that’s what it’s all about at the end.

Reflecting on an idea, sharing, connecting, even if you don’t like it. That just gives us a trigger for a conversation. Otherwise life is a little boring.


Now just to be a bit specific. This is the first time I think I ever posted female frontal nudity…I wonder why. Speed painted in Photoshop. It took around 3 hours. That’s really fast for me! I have not painted in a while to say the least.

“Welcome back Talli.”

“Gee…thanks, nice to be here, slightly more exposed.”


It all started with a cat

A few months ago I was approached by 2 lovely ladies from Oregon, Melanie Loveland and Virginia Neil. They were working on a very personal children’s book and wanted me on board. I was pretty excited at the prospect and the project began with establishing how the main star…a ginger tabby cat, should look like.  Guess which one was eventually chosen?




Well. Classic tabby was chosen for the lead “Coconut Jack” – the coconut loving, playfully curious, stubby tailed, ginger tabby. So to avoid spoilers  here are a few selected spreads…







The book is available and you can buy the book here. so go on! and don’t forget to write a review.

Skater Camp – Boy Scouts Style

Skate camp flier sketch. I sketched Yoni the old fasion way. I used a photograph taken by the talented Yair Hasidof. The boy…I added later sketching in photoshop. I don’t usually sketch digitally, so it was a nice thing to learn 🙂

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Sketch and scrap…

Prior to my final wedding invitation design…i had loads and loads of attempts. I would go to bed thinking about it and wake up with new ideas which i would execute right away and then scrap just as fast. This sketch was inspired by Norman Rockwell

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Following a fun night out I was sifting through my sketchbook until I came upon a rather busy sketch I made a year ago. After about 5 hours of work I gave birth to a mixed style of digital paint over pen. It’s the first self portrait I drew In a while. I don’t do many. It’s a strange feeling. like walking down the street with a big blinking arrow over my head.

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