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Exposed troll

There’s a thing about creation or any form of art. Putting your art out there into the world may seem like a narcissistic thing to do. But I would rather see it as a way to connect. Because that’s what it’s all about at the end.

Reflecting on an idea, sharing, connecting, even if you don’t like it. That just gives us a trigger for a conversation. Otherwise life is a little boring.


Now just to be a bit specific. This is the first time I think I ever posted female frontal nudity…I wonder why. Speed painted in Photoshop. It took around 3 hours. That’s really fast for me! I have not painted in a while to say the least.

“Welcome back Talli.”

“Gee…thanks, nice to be here, slightly more exposed.”


Noa’s Bunny Suit

This drawing completes what i call “The forest” series: Its wonderfulDeep in the forest. It takes place in a deep dark magical forest.  My muse is Inbal, she’s my wonderful super smart and talented cousin. I made this portrait of her while she was pregnant and  completed it after she gave birth to baby Noa. So congratulations to Eric and Inbal Zentner who will no doubt be the most awesome parents. Check out Eric’s cool portfolio:

Bunny…a play thing? maybe. A subject of maternal make belief for the future mom? perhaps. Cuddly fur, to be converted into a fashionable  baby pajama? I never said that.

On the top left is the photo reference and after that the not so great, slightly creepy first attempt, which underwent changes and finally was made to resemble Inbal.