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Elves and Faeries and Goblins Oh My!


What can I say. Talk to me about faeries and you’ve got my attention. Add a few trolls into the mix and I’m really engaged. Top it off with a couple of elves and a side of mushrooms and I’m yours! So when something as delicious as “Shitake’s Adventures In the Lower Troll Forest”  came along, I couldn’t resist.

I received the manuscript from Yael Shhachnay of Rimonim Publishing house and read it over night. The novel was humorous and full of magic.  Just what I would have loved to read when I was a little girl. I enjoyed it no less as a grownup.

After the first sketch of the very first illustration the remark I got from the talented author Eshkar Erblich-Brifman was: “Can you please make them uglier”….

Well I have to say I have never enjoyed a client’s remarks more. I loved making noses longer and adding a few extra pounds here and there! It was so much more interesting.


First pencil draft: Press the “Ugly” button please.


Final Draft: Ready for coloring.


Not ugly. Just less Hollywood.

My inspirational wall for the next couple of months was full of fantasy art, but I was also inspired by classic artists such as Norman Rockwell, who’s work I absolutely adore. I admit the doctor in the following illustration was highly influenced by Norman’s “Optometrist”


But the most enjoyable drawings were of the lower troll forests.


Character descriptions: “Tall Troll female. Her name is Betty, with thin wispy hair, a swarm of flies hovers over her head. Her eyes are black and murky. Dark patches cover her entire skin .The male troll is busy courting his beloved Betty. He is shorter and wider than her. Belly flaps overflow in tire like fashion. His nose is leaking and strands of hair grows out of his ears.

The fun I was having is unimaginable. Seriously. I was dancing in my chair.

And then came the Goblins…

Goblins_chapter_26_round_3 coloring

This particular scene had us in a conundrum. On the one hand the description in the scene clearly stated a male Goblins blowing up a rubber beetle vehicle using a chicken. On the other hand the Author Eshkar is a sworn vegetarian and we finally settled on a chicken which didn’t seem to be in pain but rather proficient and happy to do it’s duty as a professional air blower. I hope no one takes offence. No harm came to the chicken. I assure you.


All’s well that ends well.


If you are proficient in Hebrew and are aged 8-12. This book is available here.



May there be Faeries and elves around your corner.

Antler Beast

It’s a deer…It’s a beetle…It’s a giraffe?…No!

It’s a Gireetledeer Camelopardalis from the Cervidae family.

Yes it is. Thank you Wikipedia.


He makes a few appearances in the story I’m writing. He has no name.


Double pupils to see better in the dark 🙂



Here’s a little gif to show the process


Beautiful beast references.

Aora’s begining






Around 21:30 the house fell silent. Nothing is more pleasing to me lately than those quiet hours. I used to be so tired in the past. I guess I slept enough for a while. these days I’m vibrant as a vampire when the city rests.

It was time for some fun, but not in the bloody sense. Just geeky stuff.

Beginnings are so exciting. Aren’t they?. The middle is a bit muddled. So this post is refreshing for me in the sense that I found it so pleasing to quickly illustrate this character. To enjoy the beginning of the creative process which depicts the actual contrast of what it represents.

I’m in the midpoint of a novel I’m working on. half done and half more to go. The main character is Aora. She is a work in progress. It’s so fun to describe a character in words, when I’m so used to describing in color and form.

This girl is inspired by the looks of the beautiful Marina Nery. I sketched her in pencil first, just to get the feel of her. Color was done in Photoshop. The process began in a speed painting in my standards. by 23:30, 2 hours later I was happy to put my Wacom pen down and complete a “wip” version of my main character’s face. A few weeks later I came back and sat down to give her more attention and more detail.

This is a little sneak preview of my inner world. I love books. I love getting wrapped in a good story. I love science fiction. I love fantasy. I love dystopia. I love evolving with new ideas. I love a good journey. i’m on a journey here, venturing into a whole new realm.

There will be more work in progress art of this yet to be completed book as it comes along.

It’s gonna be fun.