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Is Art Ever Done?



Simple answer to a complicated question…I know

The longer answer is this. An art piece’s completion is completely subjective. It could potentially be done when I cock my head to the right squint my eyes and dim the lights. It can be done, when I’m tired. It can be done when I’m hungry.  It can be done if there is a deadline. But wait…What if there is no dead line? What if the piece is a personal project. Is there an inner deadline?

Yes there is.

It is when you die!

Just kidding.

I’m sure dead artists wouldn’t agree.

I don’t think I ever really complete a drawing. Sometimes it just clicks with that final line. Sometimes it’s missing something edgy and then I go to sleep and wake up with an idea, like adding a creepy insect. At times I begin a drawing and put my wacom pen down knowing I need to give it some final touches the day after. Sometimes it feels like I worked on it for too long. I sucked most of the juice out of it. I ate it up and enjoyed it like a fresh luscious apple and now I want to take the final bite and relax.

I may come back to it after a few days and realize to my surprise that the apple had a few more bites to it after all. But by then, like an old apple. It just needs to be left alone. There are plenty of new apples waiting for me.

So I’m never really done.

And that’s alright.


Maybe she should have black hair.

Exposed troll

There’s a thing about creation or any form of art. Putting your art out there into the world may seem like a narcissistic thing to do. But I would rather see it as a way to connect. Because that’s what it’s all about at the end.

Reflecting on an idea, sharing, connecting, even if you don’t like it. That just gives us a trigger for a conversation. Otherwise life is a little boring.


Now just to be a bit specific. This is the first time I think I ever posted female frontal nudity…I wonder why. Speed painted in Photoshop. It took around 3 hours. That’s really fast for me! I have not painted in a while to say the least.

“Welcome back Talli.”

“Gee…thanks, nice to be here, slightly more exposed.”


Oil painting…here we go

I recently started a short art course in a cool place called Hatahana (the station). It’s a figurative art school offering non academic art courses. The course I started is hosted by the extremely talented David Nipo.It’s only the beginning  and it’s been anything but easy. It’s a completely new way of drawing for me. This made me understand I’ve had it too easy with digital painting. I realized even more actually! That I have probably been going at it the wrong way…it was hard for me to grasp after years of drawing, but I needed some dust shaken off my fingers.  My target here is to post work and see the progress, learn from mistakes and have fun!

20*28 oil on paper (250 gram)

Here is an early work on the course. I was given a charcoal painting called Nadia by Damir Simic. An amazing Croatian artist. Drawing from a  2D image is much easier than drawing a 3 dimensional model. easier by far.  The main difficulty of capturing a model or still life is understanding  the depth and than translating it to 2D. Drawing from an image  is almost mathematicle. All that’s needed is to construct a grid on the original using a soft pencil, duplicate it on your own paper and ta-da!!! you’re ready to go, almost like coloring between the lines, you can even see the lines on my drawing. What really helped me on this was a  good tip from David Nipo. Some of you may know this…but squinting your eyes and looking at the photo as a hazy blur, really helps capture some of the darker and lighter shapes. this is not unlike sharpening the image bit bit as you up the resolution of your painting. This took me about 8 hours to complete.

16*25 oil on  paper (300 gram) .The course is mostly staring a live model, I do a horrible job at it so far…too embarrasing to post 🙂 I gave my self some homework in the form of still life of a dental cast.  I stuck to a monochrome of Whites and Raw Umber, It took abou 5 hours from start to finish and i hope to move on to colors when the time is right.

Pencil goes first and then a pen to mark the outlines a bit since i know the oil will erase the pencil and i need a placeholder. First the oils are applied in general. like the effect of averaging out the tones. Detail comes later. this is the bit I’m struggling with since i have an urge to beautify every inch before moving on. Note to self – ugly is ok!

Some work in action… starting to enjoy the smell of oil and terpentine 🙂

Sketch and scrap…

Prior to my final wedding invitation design…i had loads and loads of attempts. I would go to bed thinking about it and wake up with new ideas which i would execute right away and then scrap just as fast. This sketch was inspired by Norman Rockwell

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It’s Wonderful!

Matilda is a care free optimist and I’m not sure what she’s looking at is really all that wonderful. My sister said she reminds her of a downs syndrome girl who waits at her bus stop sometimes… I’m fine with that.

Deep In The Forest

There is  danger, Twiddly can sense it. However Shmupsi is difficult to persuade.  Höblinjers are known to lurk and pray on small rabbits, but when they’re hungry they resort to whom ever crosses their path.


She can be given one word, and be able to turn it into a tale. Even if the subject seems dry, she would spin it in a surprising direction. Ask her about her day and mundane events sound funny and exciting on her tongue. She’s messy but cute, funny but short fused.

My sister.