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Skate like the Boy Scouts

Its Skate Camp time again. My husband Yoni is holding it around Pass over break, or Easter vacation. Kids are out of school and it’s a good time to go out side, get in shape and learn a few skate tricks. My inspiration is…surprize surprize Norman Rockwell. The scouts were a big part of the american naive 60’s. I admire his style and since im trying to go for a brand design with a common look – this works for me. I also learn alot about detail and composition posing.

Some steps.

…Some close ups.


My Wedding post

I’ve been pretty busy lately. designing…arranging…producing my wedding. It was  a pretty small wedding, not a huge production. but I still had some stuff to do. There is nothing harder for a designer/illustrator than designing his or her own invitation. I had a few ideas bouncing around…it drove me crazy, but i was happy with the final result. My guy is a skater, our worlds came together and mixed up, i wanted the invitation to express some of the world clash we felt (it was actually partly his idea:)

The text on the bottom says: 1985 “Oranim” Primary school

As part of the DIY, I had some disposable cameras available for the guests….to just have fun with.

I felt like a little factory.
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