Sometimes I sit and really think hard about what image to depict, I want it to be perfect, and of course it never comes when i try to over push it!.This is what usually happens  – nothing, Letting go, and just doodling works for me. So as most drawing of mine…it starts out with not really knowing where it’ll go. The direction and “story” works it self out. This is what happened here. After completing the sketch I started looking at underwater photography examples to get the lighting mood, which was the main challenge of this drawing.

a closer look

A little work in progress of the color stage. I’m a big fan of low lighting. When i was taking some video classes at Uni. We were taught about the meaning  of where you place your lighting to contribute to mood. Lower lighting is usually used when one want’s to express dramatic, even maliciously mean or evil characteristics to the character. since light from below is linked to light from hell , just as light from above could be interpreted as divine and or heavenly… But obviously this is not always the case. Just an interesting anecdote 🙂

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