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BubbleGum Character Macot


Designing character Mascots is a long winding process. The race to the finish line is full of sketching and going back and forth.


The brief can be an endless list of character traits , style, properties or what ever the client has a vision for. The end result is symbolizing the brand successfully. The process is the incubation period and the result is a cute little baby mascot. All shiny and new, ready to represent and reflect what it’s company stands for.


Sketching the first shapes and colors, the inspiration was from water creatures and balloons.


And then after a bit more exploring and doodling. It looks like we found her.


And then we get more specific and add variations, expressions and poses.


After the emotions are approved, comes the time to bring in the big guns. Maya and Photoshop combined. There you have it. A new Mascot is born!


I hope you like the process of my bubble girl. I sure had a blast.

Hello Korea | 안녕하세요 한국

This blog is mainly about the illustrative side of me, this post however is 3D related. I’m slightly chuffed and wanted to share… I was contacted by the Korean 3D Artisan magazine recently. They were interested in doing a feature interview about a short I produced a couple years ago. Pop quiz . I couldn’t refuse 🙂

See pop quiz  here and in the link below are some of the spreads:

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