Lets assume I mean no specific change. Even though there’s a huge destructive elephant in the metaphorical room.

I will write around it . The source of change may vary. What is now a hot topic, will eventually shift into something else. But change is always a current event. Nothing stays the same.

as long as we live and breath, there will be a start, a middle and an end, like any other story. And speaking of story. Every good story needs change.

I’ve been going deep into story theory lately as I write and rewrite and draft and redraft my novel. I particularly enjoy the Story Grid method, by Shawn Coyne.  I love how he breaks apart story telling into five commandments ( Read his book and watch the video if your interested  –  I highly highly recommend it all!).

Something pretty cool happens when those commandments work. The central element is the point of decision.

The crisis.

There are always complications proceeding it. This theory bleeds into real life. What is life, but a collection of decisions. Crisis points of stress and fear.

What do I study?

Do I take this job or wait for a better opportunity?

Shall I marry him?

Stay home or move to another country?

Quit or carry on?

Break up and start again?



I drew this lady recently . During a time of change. When I began I thought of her as an inspirational muse. Ready with a few keys to unlock the magic of creativity. Times rolled into a period of Corona craziness. In my own life and the world’s. The title I first doodled was – “Inspiration”. It shifted as I went through a storm of emotions. Stress, anxiety, fear, frustration and uncertainty.

The title became “Change” – I left a subtle smile on her face. Because change is neither good nor bad. It just is.




The sketch was done with paper and pencil (and a close by eraser). Digital painting in Adobe Fresco on a 12 inch Ipad –  which is a treat. Because drawings can always be changed and undo buttons are wonderful.

In life things are not as reversible.

I just hope to ride this crazy wave of change as gracefully as possible.


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